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Custom DSP adapter for the Dension GW16BM4 & GW33BM4
This adapter will allow you to use the Dension GW16BM4 & GW33BM4 in BMW's that have the radio tuner in the trunk and also have a digital audio signal through the DSP amplifier. The easy way to figure out if you need it is when you connect your Dension adapter the audio does not work but the adapter does. Also if you have a CD changer, when you take it out it will have a 3 pin connector for data. It will also have either a 6 pin connector or a single pin coaxial cable for audio. If you only have the coaxial cable then you need this adapter. If you only have the 6 pin connector you do not need this adapter even if you have a DSP system. Some CD changer have both the 6 pin and the coax cable. If that is the case then remove one cable at a time. The cable that cuts the audio is the one that is transferring the audio.
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