Audi TT 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 iPod iPhone iPad AUX & USB Car Interface Adapters

Below are all the add on interfaces we offer you the 2007-2014 Audi TT MK2 8J. See the bottom of the page for installation videos and other helpfull infomation.

Basic Information

AI2= Connects behind the radio (no text).
AUT= Connects at the CD changer or iPod dock in the glove box (no text). Some Audi TT have this connector behind the left pocket in the glove box even if there is no adapter.
AC1= Connects behind the radio (with text). Units that show song information all connect behind the radio becasue the wires for text are not available in the glove box.
None of these devices disable the CD player or CD changer in the radio. If you have the CD changer or iPod dock in the glove box those do get disabled.
If you are listening to SiriusXM satellite radio. You will need a Sat-Pass to keep the SiriusXM working. When your car had the AUT connection the car has the sat-pass built in. AC1 adapters cannot use this connection so they still need the Sat-Pass-3


The first and most basic unit availaible for your 2007-2014 Audi TT is the pain AUX. It has an female 3.5mm port on the side of the box for an 3.5mm audio cable (not included). The 3.5mm aux port is just for audio. It does not control or charge anything. The 9 pin port is for add ons. While the add ons can be sold seperatly at a later time it is cheaper to purchase them as a package from the beginning.


The next device is the USBCH-AUX it is the aux box with a 3.5mm aux extension and USB for charging your phone. Since we had to extend the USB we also extended the female AUX port for your convinience.


Next is what we call the wireless AUX. It's wireless bluetooth for music. It is a CD quality wireless bluetooth audio dongle on the end of a 30Pin iPod cable. Only for music not calls and no control from the radio. It still has the 3.5mm aux port in the box.


Here is the first of our iPhone/iPod adapters. If you do not own apple products skip down to the bluetooth units. This is a female USB for apple products that provides a charge and audio through a single USB connection. This unit does not control your Apple product from the radio. It also has a female 3.5mm aux port on the box. If you want control from the radio/Steering wheel look at the next product.


This is a female USB for your iPod/iPhone that provides charge and audio through a single USB connection. It also provides song up and down controls form the radio. It also has an aux port on the box and comes with the aux cable.


This is the same device as above with control from the radio but instead of a female USB it has an old 30 Pin iPod cable for people with old iPods or people that own the Apple lightning to 30 pin converter.


The next device provides a female USB for your iPhone/iPod. Song information in shown in the display in the speedometer. This unit also has a 3.5mm aux input.


This unit is just like the unit above but instead of a female USB is has a old 30-Pin iPod cable. This is the perfect unit for people that want to keep an old iPod/iPhone in the glove box since it provides full browsing of your iPod through the steering wheel controls.


This unit does bluetooth for calls and music with song up and down controls from the radio/steering wheel controls. The USB port on the box is just for music from a memory stick and software updates. The unit has a 9Pin port on the box that can be used to add other features like aux and USB for charging. You can also and a female USB or 30 Pin cable for your iPhone/iPod.


This is the Audi of all the the interfaces we sell. The unit does bluetooth for calls and music with song and call information in the cluster. Bluetooth for calls can be turned off if your car has factory bluetooth for calls. The unit also has a female USB for iPhone/iPod and music off a memory stick. It also has a 3.5mm jack when purchased with the EXT1CP2 that is storngly recommended since it has a status light and a reset button.

Radio removal keys

These Keys can be used to remove your radio. Make sure you order 4 keys.

Keeping Sirius XM radio

If you are using your SiriusXM radio you will need a SatPass to keep it. The interfaces use the CD changer port for but disconnect the SiriusXM audio when doing so. If you have the iPod/CD Changer connection in the glove box then you can use the Satpass3 but if your car does not have this connection then you must use the SatPass2 and run it to the satellite tuner in the trunk.

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