Enfig SRWH-VW07-NS

Enfig SRWH-VW07-NS

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average rating 99%
Smart radio wiring harness for most Volkswagens 2006-2016 (not capable of steering wheel controls)

Product Features

  • The smaller box reads the cars can-bus (data) wires. The following wires are transmitted to the factory radio through the can-bus wires. The small box converts the following wires into analog signals that your aftermarket radio can read.
    Red- switched power turns the radio on and off with the key and keeps the radio on until you pull the key out of the cylinder.
    Orange- Illumination wire dims radio when you turn on your lights.
    Mint Green- Parking brake wire unlocks security features when your parking brake is engaged.
    Purple with White Stripe- Backup camera reverse wire tells radio to Initiate back-up camera screen when you are in reverse.
    Pink- Vehicle Speed Sense wire tells the radio how fast you are going to improve accuracy especially when you lose GPS or cellular signal.
  • This harness is designed to connect directly into radios that have an ISO pinout.  If you are not installing a radio with an ISO pinout we have a PNP converter that allows you to connect to your new radio without cutting any wires.

Additional Information

  • Not all the wires on the cars harness will be used.
Average rating:
average rating 99%
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average rating 100%
Worth every penny, make it easy on yourself 05/31/2016
By Kyle Ditty
Not much of a reviewer but here is the deal with my install: I spent around 35$ on Amazon for my install kit and harness adapter for my 06 Jetta TDI. The adapter that came worked fine, but I didn't shut my car off for a few hours after the install, when I arrived at work. I shut my car off and the radio stayed on, I had no way to turn it off except pull everything and unplug the harness, which really sucked.

I called my closest stereo guys, they didn't know exactly what I needed but offered to run a wire to my fuse box to kill the stereo, no thanks. I found the YT video from ENFIG and called back and let them know what I needed, they came back with 280$ just for the part. I bit the bullet and ordered this even though I felt it was a bit expensive, which it isn't compared to other people.

After everything was said and done, my stereo works fine and I don't have to risk my electrical system with a fuse to harness splice, and you shouldn't either.
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