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30 pin iPod and aux adapter for the VW Phaeton 2004-2006
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Product Description

The Dension GW1LVWT is another option to install the GW1LVW1 into a vehicle that includes an external CD changer or factory iPod dock. This is a great option for customers that already have the Lightning to 30 pin adapter from Apple. The unit also has a female 3.5mm Aux port built into the box. The Enfig 3535 Aux cable is sold separately or you can also use the IS335 for a custom look. For the most OEM look there is the Enfig MK5 MK6 Shifter AUX. For those who would like to replace the Ipod dock in the armrest with a pocket Enfig Car Stereo offers the PKT-VW07. The Dension GW1LVWT will transfer audio from any device that has an audio output into your radio using the external CD changer mode. When connected to the iPod/iPhone cable while on CD 1 the unit browses through the playlists on your iPod/iPhone using the next and previous song buttons on your radio and steering wheel. As soon as you find the playlist that you are looking for, switch to CD 5 which will browse through your songs using the next and previous song buttons on your radio and steering wheel. It will support song up and down control on any music app that supports this feature. The GW1LVWT will also charge your iPod or iPhone while the radio is on even if you are listening to a CD, AM/FM, or any other source.  If you switch to AM/FM, CD, or Satellite, music playing on the iPod/iPhone will pause and then restart when you return to it when using the 30 pin cable.


-Includes 30 Pin iPod cable (controls and charges) and includes female port for 3535 Aux cable (link to 3535)

-For iPods/iPhones with a Lightning port use ENFIG VWT-IPDU-AUX

-Allows for song up/down on radio or steering wheel controls (CD 5)

-Also allows for playlist up/down on radio (CD 1)

-iPod/iPhone turns on/off with radio (only when connected to 30 pin cable)

-Allows for playing from music apps (Pandora, Spotify, etc.) with song up/down compatibility on most apps

-Call audio and navigation app prompts can be heard when only connected to Aux port

-OEM build and audio quality


Compatible Cars


Volkswagen Phaeton 2004-2006
-Connects in the glove box where the factory CD changer or factory installed iPod dock normally connect
-Does not disable the CD player in the radio
-Disables the glove box CD changer or factory installed iPod dock.
-Does not disable the factory installed satellite radio
-If you would rather connect the unit behind the radio see the Dension GW1LAU2


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Excellent product!! 09/08/2020
By Stephan
This is the third one I bought for my fleet of Phaetons and it works great and is super easy to install.
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