Enfig GAA-PIO2

Enfig GAA-PIO2

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average rating 94%
Select Pioneer to Audi and Volkswagen "GPS Antenna Adapter"
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Average rating:
average rating 94%
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Not as clear as it could be 09/18/2018
By Mike Michaelson
So this adapter was shown on the page of compatible items for my car & the aftermarket unit I'm installing, what wasn't on that page was the cable I need to go between this adapter and the roof mounted OEM GPS antenna. The extension cable was listed on the bottom of the page for this item, but since I added it to my cart from the page that listed what I thought was everything I needed I never saw the listing for the extension cable. So I had to place a 2nd order. Yes extension cable is on the site, but it would have been helpful if it had been listed on the same page as this adapter cable. Or if the adapter cable came in longer lengths (as some of the other cables do), but I didn't see an option for that either.
Our responseMichael, Thank you for leaving a review. So this review is actually about our web site not the product. Sorry for the confusion but the wire pictured is clearly not long enough to run to the trunk. Like you said the extension cable is listed at the bottom of the page. Can you please tell me what page you ordered this part from so I can fix that link. It would be a great help to me. Thanks Christian

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