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PIE Precision Interface Electronics HON98/PC-POD2

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iPod interface
iPod interface with song up, song down, fast forward & fast rewind. Does not disable iPod controls. "
  • Will charge the iPod and will not disable the functions of the iPod while connected.
  • Will automatically pause the iPod whenever the radio is not in the simulated iPod mode.
  • Will utilize the CD Changer controls of the radio to control the iPod in the following manner:
    Track Up
    Song Up
    Track Down
    Song Down
    Fast Forward
    Fast Forward
    Fast Rewind
    Fast Rewind

-Direct CD quality audio through the radios external CD changer connection.
-Song up and down control of the Music on your iPod or iPhone
-Next song control for iPhone or Touch applications that are compatible.
-5 volt charging of all the iPods and iPhones listed below while the radio is on
-Will automatically pause and turn off the iPod or iPhone when you turn off the radio
-Will automatically turn on and unpause you iPod when you turn on the radio.
-Optimal line level audio out from the bottom dock connector.
-Volume control from the radio and/or steering wheel controls.
-Always retains full control for the iPod controls.
-Internet radio and navigation audio through the bottom dock connector to your factory radio.

iPod feature guide
Direct audio to your factory radio yes
Charges the iPod while the radio is on yes
Controls song up and song down from the radio controls yes
iPod controls remain active yes
Song info displayed on the iPod yes
Song info displayed on the factory radio no
Select 5 Playlists from the radio controls no
Select 6 Playlists from the radio controls no
Secondary audio input no
Optional cradle available no
Connects the the bottom dock connector yes
Connects to the headphone jack using an additional cable no
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