5 foot RCA to 3.5mm cable

Enfig 35RCA-5

Enfig 35RCA-5
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This 5 foot cable converts a 3.5MM (Headphone) stereo output into a set of RCA cables.
This cable converts a 3.5MM stereo output into an set of RCA cables.
Enfig 35RCA-5
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Enfig 35RCA-5
2007 Toyota Corolla Install
Watch this:

Here's what I purchased from Enfig: (Cost me about $70 plus shipping)

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ENFIG_35RCA_5 Enfig 35RCA-5 (Red/White RCA to cellphone Headphone Jack)
BLITZSAFE_TOY_AUX_DMX_V2 BlitzSafe TOY/AUX DMX V.2 (Box that has the electronics to add AUX port)
ENFIG_PPT_03 Enfig PPT-3 (The only Blue Plastic tool necessary for the 2007 Toyota Corolla)

As of a week, this solution works great in my 2007 Toyota Corolla! Took me about an hour to install while following the YouTube video.
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