Dice Electronics i-AUDI-T2/5V

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Dice Electronics i-AUDI-T2/5V

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Audi iPod to Car Interface + Auxiliary Audio Input
The Dice Electronics i-Audi-T2 is a hard-wired automotive iPod integration kit. Made to be mounted in the glovebox, the I-AUDI-T2 installs easily and keeps funtionality of factory installed Satelite radio. Each vehicle-specific kit provides CD-quality audio with track, playlist, album, and chapter control from both the radio and steering wheel controls (if applicable) while charging the iPod . Track numbers are synchronized between the radio's display and the iPod. The AUX input is user selectable while driving and features user adjustable gain and eq settings. "
  • Keeps Factory installed sateilte radio
  • All kits include dock connector, a docking cradle featuring a video output is availble as an add on feature.
  • Female 1/8" stereo jack used for audio input
  • Works with all iPod's with dock connector
  • Browse and select via Song, playlist, album, or chapter all through the controls of your radio (Dice does not limit the amount of playlists that can be selected through the radio)
  • Click on this link to see the Dice Owners Manual
  • DICE replaces the earlier DENSION ice>Link Plus model with an easier to use more intuitive control system and the addition on an auxilary input
  • Connects to the CD changer port at the CD Changer not behind the radio
  • Will work with all in-dash CD players and in-dash CD Changers.
  • Will NOT work with trunk or glovebox mounted CD Changers. Must be disconnected.
  • Car must be prewired for CD changer
  • G3 iPods do not support Album or Chapter browsing
Compatible Cars


A3 2006+
A4 must be prewired for glovebox changer

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