radio for Volkswagen GTI 2015-2017

We currently have a few kits in stock to do radio installations call us up for more info.  Once they are ready to be shipped we add them to the site.  For now enjoy our videos and email us to be put on the notification list for this car.


Also dont forget to subsctibe to us on youtube for video updates.



Enfig RMK-VW15
2015-2016 Volswagen Golf & GTI radio dash kit
$350.00 $399.99
Enfig SWCL Steering Wheel Control Lead
Add this part lead to most of our SRWH radio wiring harness to add steering wheel controls to your installation.
Enfig SWCL Steering Wheel Control Lead
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Enfig PNP Plug and Play Adapters for aftermarket radios
These adapters convert the iso end of our RWH & SRWH harnesses intended for Blaupunkt radios into a connection made for most aftermarket radios without cutting a single wire. Not intended to be used without an RWH or SRWH harness.
Enfig PNP Plug and Play Adapters for aftermarket radios
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Custom USB and AUX to replace the factory MDI port on certain 2015+ VW's
$49.99 $74.99
Enfig MIC-VW1

-Custom microphone for all Volkswagen 2000-2017 that have a factory microphone location in the overhead lights.
-Can be used with aftermarket radios and aftermarket bluetooth kits that support 3.5mm 1 OHM microphones.

$29.99 $49.99
Enfig MIC-VW1
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Enfig SAA-SIR-20
20" Satellite Antenna Adapter allows you to use your factory Sirius antenna with your aftermarket Sirius radio.
$19.99 $29.99
Enfig SAA-SIR-20
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Enfig GAA "GPS Antenna Adapters"
These adapters allow you to use your factory GPS antenna with your aftermarket radio.
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