Porsche 911 2004-2008 iPhone Bluetooth USB & Aux adapters for iPhone and Android

Basic Information

-We do installations at our shop in Carlstadt NJ
-What's the difference between the GW52MO1(GW53MO1) and the GW52MO2 (GW53MO2)? The 2nd fiber port on the MO2 units is only needed if you are keeping the CD changer.
-It does not matter if your car has Bose.
-We have installation videos at the bottom of this page.
-If you have a Phone module it must be bypassed to use this unit for phone calls. (see video below)
-If you have a CD changer you must bypass it or run extra cables to keep it. (see video below) Most people bypass it so we will start with those devices.


This is the most common adapter for your Porsche. It has a USB for memory sticks or iPhone for direct wired playback, AUX and wirelss Bluetooth for music and calls.


This is the exact same device but WITHOUT bluetooth.


This is the same as the Bluetooth unit above but it has a 2nd port that allows you to keep the CD changer. The installation of this happens at the CD changer then you use the wires from seperate kit to extend the external box. The mic must also be extended but we do not sell that. Almost no one keeps the CD changer since it is obsolete.


Same as the above but without bluetooth.


This is the original Dension module. Since Dension has brough down the price of the new units this is pretty much obsolete.

Panel Popper Tools

These are the tools we use in the video to remove panels.

Tap in tools

These are the Posi-Tap we use in the video to tap in for power.

Fiber Optic loop

This is the loop to bypass the CD changer and the phone module.

Custom Microphone

This microphone goes in the factory location and can be used with the Bluetooth units above

Installation Video

The video below will show you how to install the unit behind your radio.

CD Changer Bypass Video

This video will show you how to bypass the factory CD changer.

Phone Module Bypass Video

The next device provides a female USB for your iPhone/iPod. Song information in shown in the display in the speedometer. This unit also has a 3.5mm aux input.

How to use Video

How to use Video Old

This video shows you how to use the device.

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