Enfig SRWH-W211

Enfig SRWH-W211

Enfig SRWH-W211
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Radio wiring harness with Can-Bus reader for ignition, illumination and steering wheel retention. Also had Most fiber optic interface box.
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Product Features

  • This harness is made specicifally for Mercedes vehicles with MOST fiber optic audio systems.
  • The Larger box allows communication to your factory Mercedes Amplifier through the factory fiber optic wires.
  • The smaller box allows you to use your factory steering wheel controls with your aftermarket radio. You will need to purchase a SWCL (Steering Wheel Control Lead) to activate this feature since some cars do not have steering wheel controls. (see below)
  • The smaller box reads the cars can-bus (data) wires. The following wires are transmitted to the factory radio through the can-bus wires. The small box converts the following wires into analog signals that your aftermarket radio can read.
    Red- Switched power turns the radio on and off with the key and keeps the radio on until you pull the key out of the cylinder.
    Orange- Illumination wire dims radio when you turn on your lights.
    Mint Green- Parking brake wire unlocks security features when your parking brake is engaged.
    Purple with White Stripe- Backup camera reverse wire tells radio to Initiate back-up camera screen when you are in reverse.
    Pink- Vehicle Speed Sense wire tells the radio how fast you are going to improve accuracy especially when you lose GPS or cellular signal.
  • This harness is designed to connect directly into some older Blaupunkt brand radios.  If you are not installing a Blaupunkt radio we have a PNP converter that allows you to connect to your new radio without cutting any wires.
  • OEM pocket to replace CD changer part number. A 211 683 00 91

Additional Information

  • We reccomend connecting the RCA cables to the front RCA since the rear RCA do not output phone call audio.

Compatible Cars

Cars Notes

Mercedes E-Class 2003-2008

-Works with all radios.
-Compatible models E63 E55 E550 E500 E350 & E320
-Some 2003 non USA models are not compatible. Send us a picture of your radio to verify
Enfig SRWH-W211
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Enfig SRWH-W211
average rating 100%
Excellent Product & Support
I bought a wire harness, faceplate, and antenna for my 06 Mercedes to install a Pioneer stereo. The purchase process was simple and the products arrived very quickly. I had Best Buy install my stereo with the setup I bought from Enfig and the installer said that it was very easy to install. In fact, he took a picture of my paperwork so he could recommend this product to his customers. He also said that the price I paid was about half of what he would have charged me for his wire setup. After the installation, at home, my wife sat in the car and set up her stereo without the car running. It ran down the battery, but I didn't realize that because there were warning lights on the dash that had lots of 'error messages'. I called Christian at Enfig for help. He was amazing. He suggested that the battery was the problem and he was right. After jump starting the car and charging the battery, the car is fine. Great product and great customer service.
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