Enfig SRWH-AUD3-HILO (shipping 6/21/2019)

Enfig SRWH-AUD3-HILO (shipping 6/21/2019)
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Smart radio wiring harness for most Audi's that fixed the low rear audio and low sub problem.

Product Features

  • This is the most advanced radio installation harness we offer.
  • The HILO box fixes low audio issue in your Audi.  The signal of the factory radio is much higher (8-10 volts) than aftermarket radios (2-4 volts)
  • The smaller box allows you to use your factory steering wheel controls with your aftermarket radio. You will need to purchase a SWCL (Steering Wheel Control Lead) to activate this feature since some cars do not have steering wheel controls. (see below)
  • The smaller box reads the cars can-bus (data) wires. The following wires are transmitted to the factory radio through the can-bus wires. The small box converts the following wires into analog signals that your aftermarket radio can read.
    Red- switched power turns the radio on and off with the key and keeps the radio on until you pull the key out of the cylinder.
    Orange- Illumination wire dims radio when you turn on your lights.
    Mint Green- Parking brake wire unlocks security features when your parking brake is engaged.
    Purple with White Stripe- Backup camera reverse wire tells radio to Initiate back-up camera screen when you are in reverse.
    Pink- Vehicle Speed Sense wire tells the radio how fast you are going to improve accuracy especially when you lose GPS or cellular signal.
  • This harness is designed to connect directly into some older Blaupunkt brand radios.  If you are not installing a Blaupunkt radio we have a PNP converter that allows you to connect to your new radio without cutting any wires.

Additional Information

  • The knobs on the HILO box adjust the volume of the amplified speakers in the car. If you have Bose all the speakers are amplified. If you do not have Bose usually only the rear speakers and sub are amplified.
  • Not all the wires on the cars harness will be used.
  • Most cars that use this harness also use the AAA-VWAUD5 antenna adapter below.

Compatible Cars

Cars Notes
Audi A3 2006-2007 -Only compatible with cars with the RNS-E navigation radio.
Audi A3 2008-2013 -Compatible with all radios.
Audi A4/S4 2004-2006

-Only compatible with cars with the RNS-E navigation radio.

Audi A4/S4/RS4 2007-2008 -Compatible with all radios except the single CD half height radios available in some non US markets.
Audi A6/S6/RS6 2004 -Only compatible with the RNS-E radio.
Audi Allroad 2004-2005 -Only compatible with the RNS-E radio.
Audi TT/TTS/TTRS 2007-2015 -Compatible with all cars. 2008+ with Bose require a digital turn on.
Enfig SRWH-AUD3-HILO (shipping 6/21/2019)
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50 reviews

Featured positive reviews:

Enfig SRWH-AUD3-HILO (shipping 6/21/2019)
Superb experience
I came across Enfig Car Stereo while looking to upgrade the internals of my B6 2004 Audi S4. Switching out the stock RNS-E unit can result in a myriad of issues, and everything I’d found online had pointed at Christian and Enfig for the fix.

I shot him and email and got a prompt reply, first chasing down exactly what make and model I had (Australian releases are different to EU/US), and then providing a list of components that would be required. He even was able to give some guidance in which brand of head unit would work well in my car.

Last but not least, I had tight timeframes for delivery due to an upcoming extended road trip, and Christian was able to turn the order around quickly enough to ship it to my doorstep in Australia in 3 days.

Very impressed by both the quality of the product and by the service, and I would highly recommend Enfig to anyone looking for specialised components for your car.

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