iPod iPhone AUX USB Guide Volkswagen GTI 2006-2010 – Jetta 2005.5-2010 – R32 2008 – Rabbit 2006-2010

Here at Enfig Car Stereo we answer the same questions every day so I figured that if I made this guide it would clarify most of the questions and let us get back onto VWVortex.com.  We  specialize in Volkswagen & Audi.  We also carry all the relevant iPod interfaces on the market and have been selling Auxiliary AUX interfaces for over 10 years since they were just used for people who wanted a direct audio input for their in-car TV’s.  Everything on this page is for sale on our website EnfigCarStereo.com or you can click on the image of the item for a direct link to the item.  PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE CALLING US WITH QUESTIONS.  It will help you make the best decision as to what interface you need and help keep us from answering repetitive questions.  But if you do have questions after reading this please feel free to call us.  We will be more than happy to speak to you.

Lets start with the cars.

Golf 2010

GTI 2006 2007 2008 2009

Jetta 2005.5 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 ( the 2005 Jetta’s body was changed mid year so only the later half is covered on this page)

R32 2008

Rabbit 2006 2007 2008 2009

All the cars above have the same audio systems. There are  three different types of radios as far as iPod adapters are concerned.  Non Satellite ready, satellite ready and the Navigation radio.  All of these radios have an external CD changer port that is tricked into thinking that there is an external CD changer attached so that the audio port is activated and opened to allow the transfer of audio from your  iPod to your radio. NONE OF THESE INTERFACES WILL DISABLE YOUR IN DASH CD CHANGER OR CD PLAYER.

There are 4 different radios in these cars (us market) Not Satellite Ready single CD/Not Satellite Ready 6CD/Satellite Ready 6CD/Navigation

Single CD, AM/FM  not satellite ready radios

6 Disc in dash CD Changer, AM/FM,  Not Satellite Ready Radios

mk5 radio 6 disc black

mk5 radio 6 disc

6 Disc in dash CD Changer, AM/FM,  Satellite Ready Radios

The navigation radio also known as MFD2

There is also the RCD 500 that is not available in the United States

(RCD500 img)

Radio Removal

Lets start with how to take out the radio. The video below will show you how to take out the radios in a Rabbit but the removal is the same for all cars listed.


You will need 2 tools to remove that radio.  A T-20 Torx screwdriver and a Trim removal tool to pop off the trim around the climate controls.  We sell the both.  Click on the pictures below to go the purchase pages of the tools.

This product is currently not available.

Profit International DM-40-22 Dash Trip Removal Tool

Profit International DM-40-22 Dash Trip Removal Tool

Connection Locations

There are 2 places to connect your interface.  To the “VW12” CD changer port behind the radio or to the “VWT” CD changer connection in the center console between the seats.  All cars have the connection behind the radio.  Usually only the cars with factory installed navigation radios have the connection between the seats because all cars equipped with a navigation radio also come equipped with a CD changer in that location.  You may also have a factory iPod adapter between the seats.  Cars with a factory iPod dock between the seats also have this connection.

The video below will show you how to remove a factory iPod dock and locate the “VWT” connection.

Factory Satellite Radio

If you have factory XM or Sirius satellite radio it will be plugged into the CD changer port.  If you don’t plan on using the XM or Sirius satellite radio you can just unplug it and disable it.  If you plan on using the factory XM or Sirius satellite radio there are 2 options.  You can take apart the connector and move pins around or for $9.99 (on sale)we have designed a complete plug and play splitter.  The Enfig VW SAT PASS 1 http://enfigcarstereo.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/ENFIG_MK5_SAT_PASSTHRU.html.  We recommend the splitter because the pins are small and fragile therefore can easily be damaged if you have never removed one before.  If you have the navigation radio with the “VWT” CD changer connection or “VWT” factory iPod dock between the seats the splitter is built into the car so as long as you connect it at the black plug between the seats the satellite radio will not be disturbed.

Internet radio: Some iPods like the touch &  iPhone are capable of internet radio like AOL radio & Pandora. All of the iPod adapters below will allow you to play the audio through your factory radio.  All adapters that control the iPod from the radio will also control internet radio apps.


All the interfaces below with the exception of the generic  auxiliary aux audio input charge the iPod the new 5V USB charging that is required for the 4th Gen nano, Touch 2nd Gen, iPhone 3G , iPhone 3Gs iPhone4 &


BlitzSafe AUX Adapters

An aux adapter is a universal audio only input.  It does not charge or control any device but it can be used with any device.  These units have an RCA input so extra cables are necessary.

BlitzSafe VW/AUX DMX V.5  connects behind radio to the VW12 connector – includes XM & Sirius satellite splitter

BlitzSafe VW/AUX DMX V.3A connects to the VWT connector in the center console

BlitzSafe VW/AUX DMX V.3A

BlitzSafe M-Link adapters

BlitzSafe is the entry level iPod adapter.  It works through the external CD changer port.  The radio displays disc 1 track 99.   The iPod is charged while the radio is on and for 20 minutes after you turn off the ignition.  The only control from the radio and steering wheel controls is volume.  The iPod controls are never locked.  The Satellite splitter is built into the behind the radio interface. Notes: Does not work with the Non US RCD 500 radio.

BlitzSafe VW/M-Link1 V.5  connects behind radio – includes XM & Sirius satellite splitter

BlitzSafe VW/M-Link1 V.3A connect in center console

BlitzSafe VW/M-LINK1 V.5

BlitzSafe VW/M-LINK1 V.3A

BlitzSafe VW/M-LINK1 V.3A

Enfig CIP-AUX adapters

The Enfig CIP-AUX adapters are both a iPod and an aux adapter.  When on CD1 you can control the iPod from the iPod as well as track up and down controls from the radio and steering wheel controls.  When you switch to CD2 you select the AUX.  The aux audio is switchable so the iPod and aux can be connected at all times.  It works through the external CD changer port.

Enfig VW12 CIP-AUX  connects behind radio to the VW12 connection – includes XM & Sirius satellite splitter

Enfig VWT-CIP-AUX connect in center console to the VWT connection

USA Spec

USA Spec adds a secondary Auxiliary Aux audio input via a left and right RCA plugs on the side of the unit.     Disc 1 is your first, disc 2 is your second, disc 3 is your third  playlist on your iPod in alphabetical order.  Disc 4 is all the songs on your iPod in one playlist.  On disc 1-4 the controls on the iPod are locked but you still have track up & track down controls from the radio and steering wheel controls. Disc 5 unlocks the  iPod controls and you have track up & track down controls from the radio and steering wheel.  Disc 6 is the Auxiliary Aux audio input.

USA SPEC PA11-VW6 connects behind radio

USA Spec currently does not have a unit that uses the connector in the center console.

USA Spec PA11-VW6

USA Spec PA11-VW6

Dice Electronics

We are currently not selling the dice units because their latest DUO units are very confusing to use even for us with 10+ years experience.  We look forward to adding them back to the site when they update the software on their units.



The Enfig VW12-CIPS-AUX adapter is the bes available for your car.  It is an iPod an aux unit that works through the satellite port.  The unit has the option of displaying text on your radio.  Your radio must have the sat button and it is not compatible with the navigation radio.  Does not disable any functions on the radio (this means it retains your satellite radio).

Call for more info.

iPod Mounting

Now that we have the iPod adapters out of the way. Some of you may want to keep your iPod mounted inside of the cabin instead of inside the glove box.  There are several ways to do this.

2Point5 Spec Dock VWMKVV2I is my favorite.  It replaces your front cup holder and turns it into a iPod dock.  Very good especially if you have an iPhone.  We also give you a $20 credit for your iPod cable if you order an adapter at the same time.  Since Dension units are sold without the iPod cable the $20 credit does not apply to Dension interfaces.

2point5 spec.dock VWMKVV2I

2point5 spec.dock VWMKVV2I Custom iPod dock all MK5 Volkswagens

ProClip also makes custom Dash Mounts that clip onto 3 different locations on your dash to give you a universal mounting surface for any purpose.  When you use these dash mounts along with an iPod holder it places the iPod at a location that is convenient to you.  ProClip makes 3 different ones for your car.

ProClip 853689 Center Dash Mount

ProClip 853689 Center Dash Mount

ProClip 853689 Install Instructions:


ProClip 853359 - Angled Mount

ProClip 853359 - Angled Mount

ProClip 853359 Installation Instructions:


ProClip 833690 - Console Mount

ProClip 833690 - Console Mount

ProClip 833690 Installation Instructions:


Panavise is another company that makes a dash mount.  They make a dash mount that is made of metal and bolts into the car.

Panavise 75138-405 Dash Mount

Panavise 75138-405 Dash Mount

Link to Panavise 75138-405 installation instructions:


iPod Holders

We have many different iPod holders depending on your need. Some are just holders that do not incorporate the iPod cable.  Then there are what we call cradles that hold the iPod cable in the holder so it does not get run over by the seat track or get wet on the floor. The best bet is to go on our website and browse your iPod model at the following link.  http://enfigcarstereo.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/ipod_holders.html

If you still have questions contact us at numbers below.  Remember it’s always best to call.  E-mails may not be responded to immediately because we are busy answering phones.

Thanks for reading and let me know if I forgot something,





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  2. Alex says:

    i want to change my moonsoon with 07 dvd radio NAV

  3. abner espinoza says:

    i have vw premium 7 sat radio from jetta 2009 and i will intalling to a 2002 jetta station wagen , can you guys tell me what i need to make happen and how much is going to cost me, mmm hey guy almost forget i would like to upgrade all the services on this radio such satelite radio,ipo and wherever i would need ,there is another can u guys tell me how can we do busnees i dont want to use credit car i want to do like money order or simely thanks i hope to hear soon for u guys thanks again

  4. nick says:

    this is the second time this problem has happened to me and the 1st time i brought back to the dealership this time i dont want to cause they clearly half assed and they take to long. the problem im having is that when my ipod is plugged in now its under a aux setting when it is plugged in the usb adapter they put in at the dealership and i have to use my ipod to change tracks and it doesnt charge it when before i could change tracks, playlists, from the radio itself and it would charge my ipod from the usb cord thats installed in the glove box by itself is their anyway i can fix this how it was before without taking anything apart cause if i take it apart and i mess something up warranty wont cover it anymore.

  5. nick says:

    yes its the factory adapter and its a 09 jetta i was kinda thinking that its just defective or something thats y it happened again but if not and u or any1 knows a way to fix it and let me know ill b glad to fix it unless it involves taking things apart b/c if i do that its not under warranty anymore.

  6. Sammy says:

    Hey there, very informative site!, I have a VW golf gti and have a rcd500 radio attached to it. i have tried to install a gateway 300 unit for it but my radio/mfd cannot pick it up for some reason. the 6 cd changer works but i have no option to select the input. Power is going through the ipod and usb cables. any help would be appreciated.
    Cheers all the way form New Zealand

  7. David Johns says:

    Excellent write up! Thanks for explaining all this. I have been to Best Buy with my 2006 TDI Jetta three time so far. Thanks to your write up, we might get it right this time… Thanks

  8. Deb Stidom says:

    Have 2009 single CD player w/ MP3 AM FM but won’t play educational CD’s that I can play in friends 2006 Jetta. Any suggesstions? Thanks.

    • enfig says:

      You may try to import them into your computer then rerecord them back onto a compatible MP3 Disc. If not you can purchase an aux and play them through a compatible discman.

  9. Cliff Deetsch says:

    I am rebuilding a wrecked 2009 Jetta Sport wagen with a 6 cd/satellite radio. The radio function works great however, as the radio plays there is a message on the radio the the “Cdc hardware has an error” According to the owners manual, the cd hardware is malfunctioning. I had quotes of over $200 to look at the radio with no guarantees. I have purchased a radio from a junk yard with the same functions except the replacement does no have satellite.. I need to know how to start removing the radio and get it out of the dash. I plan to replace the cd mechanism in the original radio with the mechanism out of the radio from the junk yard. I have been told that once the radio is out of the car that it is very easy (4 screws) to remove and replace the cd mechanism. Can you give me detailed instructions on how to do all of this and if it will work. Thanks, I have replaced the face plate on a 2001 beetle radio and hope that it is now much more complicated.

  10. Jeff Geib says:

    I have a 2010 Jetta LE model witht he standard single disc/MP3 sound system. If I were to purchase the premium sound system from VW or elsewhere, can this be installed without issues, i.e. security, functionality? Are there any additional pieces of equipment needed? Thank you.

  11. David says:


    Thanks for the valuable info. I just bought a “new to me” used 2006 Rabbit with the 6 Disc in dash CD Changer, AM/FM, Not Satellite Ready Radio. I want to swap out that radio for one that is satellite ready. The car has a “whip” antenna on it and I was told I would need to replace that. Is that true? Or could I do the swap and hook up a satellite antenna directly to the radio like the ones on the receivers you can get from Sirius? Your thoughts?

  12. Eric says:

    I just bought a 2010 Jetta LE with the standard non-satellite, single disc CD/mp3 player with the ipod interface in the center console.

    I used to work for VW and I never wanted the ipod adaptor. I hate the interface, and I don’t want to access my first 6 playlists (not to mention I need the extender cable for my iPhone).

    All I want is the standard Aux port that the comes standard with.

    is there an adaptor I can plug into the connection in the center console or do I have to remove the stereo?

    Is this head unit different than my last jetta (2009 S model same looking stereo with aux)?

    Thank you!!

  13. Nick W says:

    I have the BlitzSafe VW/M-LINK1 V.5 for my 07 jetta with the premium 7 radio and when I installed it all I got was static and some faint music from the IPOD through my radio.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Do you also have the instructions published on how to control the iPod once it’s installed? Thanks!

  15. Jon says:

    Can anyone confirm the Dension will work without the steering wheel controls?

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