Enfig RMK8-A4B67

Enfig RMK8-A4B67
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Double Din Radio Mounting kit for Audi A4 2002-2008
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Product Features

  • Seamless double-din radio installation kit for most 2002-2008 Audi A4's and 2009-2013 Seat Exeo
  • Allows you to remove the radio without damaging your vehicle. Unlike most other brands.
  • Painted to match the factory coat of the car.
  • The mounting brackets allow exact depth adjustment for a perfect fit.

Additional Information

  • The opening on the face is 98mm x 172mm to accommodate a standard 96mm x 170mm radio nose. The nose is the part the sticks out from the rear chassis.
  • The face also requires a 10mm deep nose or it will not sit flush. If you are confused send us an email with your radio make and part so we can confirm fitment. Look at this article about shallow face radios. https://www.ceoutlook.com/2017/06/21/car-radios-undergo-shape-shift/
  • The brackets come with screws but we reccomend using the screws that came with your radio.

Compatible Cars

Cars Notes
Audi A4 2002-2008

- Compatible with cars that came with the Symphony II 6CD & Cassette radio 2002-2006.
- Compatible with cars that came with the Symphony II+ 6 CD radio 2007-2008 also 2009 Connvertible..
- Compatible with cars that came with the RNS-E navigation radio 2006-2008.
- Compatible with non US cars that came with the Concert II+

- Not compatible with single CD Concert II or Chorus II (non us radio) unless the car is converted to the bigger opening using OEM parts.
Here is a how to. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Seat Exeo 2009-2013 - We know it works with cars that came with the RNS-E navigation and the Concert II+.
If you order this for your Seat Exeo we would love your feedback.

Product Pictures

Installation Videos

Click on the list to select a video. Then click on the video to play it. Videos are hosted on YouTube. YouTube is sometimes blocked at some work places.

Enfig RMK8-A4B67
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Enfig RMK8-A4B67
Nothing better
I generally use metra installation products. However I looked very carefully at their design for my application, and it was lacking in the solid mounting and security that I desire. I stumbled across this product via utube. It is incredibly well designed to work properly, install easy, and hold securely. The kit coming with longer than OE bolts to ensure proper fit is incredible. Obviously this product is higher priced that “competitive” products. The reality is no other product actually compares. In you are going to put in an after market receiver these are the products you should use. For ease, security, proper fit, and proper functionality.
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